Hello all,

Just two quick questions here. I have decided that I am going to be selling my GTX 780 and upgrading to a 980 ti. Looking at the different 980 ti models though, I'm left with a debate between two.
The EVGA 980 ti w/ ACX Cooler (Priced at $649.99 on amazon)
And the EVGA 980 ti Superclocked w/ ACX Cooler (Priced at $679.99 on amazon)
Upon looking at the specs, the only real difference I see is a slightly higher clock speed. Is this boost in clock speed worth the $30.00? I know it's not a big price difference but I'd prefer to not waste my money on something that would give be a boost of under 5fps.
My second question involves the PSU of my system.
I currently have this card. Both the 780 and 980 ti have TDPs of 250 Watts. I have a 600w PSU (this one) currently and am not having any issues with it. I still would plan on upgrading my PSU later this year for one of a higher quality, but is it neccesary to upgrade now due to a higher power consumption of this card?

To summarize my questions:

1. 980 ti ACX vs 980 ti superclocked ACX, is the Superclock worth it for $30.00?
2. Would there be an increase in Power consumption when going from the 780 to the 980ti? I currently have a 600W PSU.

Thank you all so much!