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    Gigabyte 980 ti G1 Gaming SLI in Micro ATX?


    So I currently have a Micro ATX board and a reference gtx 780. I am planning on switching to a difference board (this one) that is also Micro ATX. I also wish to run the Gigabyte 980 ti G1 Gaming card in SLI. Being such a thick card though, I am unsure if it will block the other PCI slot. I tried looking for the specific sizes on Gigabytes website and did find them but am not sure if it will fit.

    Motherboard: Here
    Graphics Cards In SLI: Here

    My current card is listed as a dual slot card. The 980 ti isn't specified as a dual slot but it's thickness is 42mm.

    I plan on buying the 980 ti first so if it won't fit in SLI with this new motherboard I would have to switch to another card. I am trying to keep a white/black/neutral color scheme in my case so this card goes perfectly with the RGB led.

    Thank you all so much!
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    Look at the image. It needs two expansion slots on the case, so it will cover up a second PCI slot. On that motherboard it will use the x16, cover up the blank space, use the other x16, and block the x4.

    Unsolicited comments:
    - Two of these with SLI? What kind of obscene performance are you trying to get out of this? You realize it will cost you $1400 now and when you upgrade in the future you'll have to get two more cards to be able to beat the performance? I got locked into that conundrum a few years ago: two SLIed cards, x1.9 times the performance of one, but when I wanted to upgrade later the only way I could get better performance was to get two more cards again. And the gain wasn't even enough to warrant buying two more. So I waited even longer to upgrade and bought only one card once the specs started beating out my two.
    - Besides picking a cheaper and much more cost-efficient card (comparing specs to price), how about getting only one of these, saving $700 now, and then being able to (a) spend that on other parts or (b) save the money so you can upgrade sooner?
    - Have you seen the reviews on that board? Not very good. Stability and support problems.
    - Why not a full ATX board? More room, more features, better compatibility... It's not like you'll be able to get a small case if you have to fit two dual-slot graphics cards in there. And you can get better cases too.

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