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    Cooling Mystery! Please help!


    I have a desktop, with a case (doesn't list a brand or anything) that has a 200mm fan. The fan has a number of blue LEDs for effect too. The leds currently work, but the fan doesn't spin. Obviously I'd like to get this working and this should always have worked. I'm currently having problems with my motherboard overheating too, so I especially want to make use of the massive fan on the case.

    The fan has 2 outputs - a Molex and a 3 pin fan connector - I think its a standard one, it certainally fits onto the sysfan spot.

    Now, when my family bought the computer we got it custom made and my father assures me the fan worked. I personally haven't seen it, but he says he has. The fan doesn't work in its current setup - molex plugged in, nothing with the other fan.

    So, the mystery is this:
    • I can't ever make the motor spin
    • When the molex is plugged in, the blue lights on the fan light up
    • The cable for the smaller, fan connector is very short. I had to undo it from the way it was tucked away in order to make it reach a 'sysfan' port on the motherboard. Even then, it really doesn't reach, my arm needs to be contorted to get it in with the case on and it has no slack
    • The fan is not dead. I can make the fan spin by plugging it into the speed control on another cooling system I have. The speed control on the other cooling system (cooler master) uses a standard fan thing and you short the circuit (i think is the expression) to change the speed. Needless to say, it gives off power. I plug the molex into power, the small fan thing into the other cooling system's fan control and the giant fan moves for an instant when I power on the PC, but then it all dies (obviously that port is not meant to be used in that way). Point of all this long dot point is that the fan is not dead.
    • When the giant fan is plugged into the sysfan thing, like when i can be bothered attempting it, it is fully plugged in, but is never detected by the motherboard.
    • I don't know what the purpose of either the molex, or the small fan connector is. I don't think one is solely power for the LEDs and the other solely for the fan.
    • With a mate, I tried using some splitter to split power into a molex and a fan conenctor. We plugged both in and the fan didn't work.

    I appologise for the long description, but I'm really not a hardware person, so i'm trying to give as much information as I can.

    Can anyone think of a similar setup they might have / know how this fan might be working?

    Please, I know this fan has worked in the past and as I described, it isn't dead! :P If someone could help me work this out, that would be really really good.

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    You should plug in both the molex, and the 3 pin.

    Bigger fans tend to use multiple power sources. 1 for the led's, 1 for the fan. This allows you to turn the fan led off if you wished.

    Buy an extension, or cut and extend the wires for the 3pin fan.

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