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    Cpu Temp Rising Rapidly Fan Not Spinning

    Havent got long my fan isnt spinning what should i do, my CPU is at 53'C havent got long, it will shut down when it reaches 85'C
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    Please make sense when you talk.

    Im not a big hardware person but answer this:
    -Is the computer new?
    -Did you build it yourself?
    -Is this a recent problem?
    -What fan is it that isnt spinning?

    That will give us more info onto how to fix it, I would check the hook ups, I dont know though... my rear fan starts to make a lot of noise and I fix it by simply haulting it with sticking something in, and then letting it start spinning again, and its quite, try something like that with your fan, except try to move it around...

    Heres my unhardware related advice:

    shut down your computer and keep it off! and never let it get close to 85C, thats like hot enough to fry an egg... to a crisp. It shuts off because it becomes a fire hazard, not because its going to start damaging the parts, well that too, but the hotter it is, the more damage the parts are taking... if you dont know a lot about computers, get it checked out by a computer specialist.

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