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    Looking for suggestions

    To preface, I know little about cooling, so dumb it down when you give your answers (if you're kind enough to help).

    I have an HP Pavilion zx5180US laptop with a 3.0GHz p4 processor. The darn thing gets hot.

    It has two fans mounted on the bottom to cool it, and they run quite often which (as you can imagine) kills my battery when I'm on DC.

    I'd like to know your opinion on the cooling system of this model, if you have one. Have any of you mod'd your 'tops to get more efficiency?

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    Dunnoo much about laptop hardware, but I recommend opening her up and checking out the thermal pad inbetween the heatsink and the processor. Add to/Replace this with a liberal application of straight thermal grease. Get some here.

    HP, Dell, and pretty much any pre-packaged commercial computer uses thermal pads (little black squares) instead of actual grease) - these pads aren't as efficient as straight grease. That might help a little bit.
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    If you do that, clean the cpu and heatsink, then reapply fresh thermal paste. Don't add to the existing, or replace it without changing anything. But really, a laptop with a desktop type cpu will get hot. That is the way of things. Keep it off your lap and on a cool table or desk will help some, but that is not built for long battery life, its a desktop replacement type.

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    I agree with karsh, this is not meant to be it is just like asking for trouble in the long run.
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    If you decide to do what 'nox says (i dont recommend it), then get arctic silver 5 thermal paste, nothing else compares in efficiency, worth spending about $10 for it...

    I would suggest getting an under-laptop fan unit to place under it...

    something like this, but get it from somewhere else being as you're american and it's a british site... http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/produ...duct_uid=61069

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