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    Unhappy Overheating laptop

    I know there have been lots of posts about this be for but I am Flight Simulator 2004 fan and play on it alot, but i can't play on FS on my AMILO D8820 laptop for 5mins without it overheating. is there away to fix this? i can't open up the laptop as i am only 14 and i don't think they would approve please help. oh and the external fan comes with 3 other USB ports but one of them aren't working. please help me with this as i have to go back to scholl on wednes day and want to play on my games by then , thanks
    these are the specks i think

    Fujitsu Siemens AMILO D8820

    Windows XP Home:
    - Chipset SiS AGP
    - Graphic (Video)
    - Audio (Sound)
    -Pentium 4 2.53GHz
    -RAM, 2.048 GB

    I think that is right but i can't tell you more untill i find the info book
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    Hi quayle and welcome to Dev Shed.

    Have you ever been able to play the game ? Do you receive any error messages ? Does it overheat when doing any other tasks, e.g. playing other games, running an internet browser etc.

    What does the laptop sit on ?? Is it a desk or what ??
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    how do you know its overheating? does it just reboot? also run some program and check the CPU and GPU temps and watch the temps while you play a game, you should know that most (all?) P4-M CPUs are rated for 100'C, so 85-90'C is still well within spec

    also make sure that the fans are kicking in, if you can see them make sure they are spinning and that you can feel the air coming out

    as for trying to fix this right now, if it is overheating then you can try going into the BIOS and disabling all power saving stuff and putting the settings to performance mode, that should set the fans to run more and provide a bit more cooling
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    Well the external fans have alot of problems if there what im thinking of. I have one and it quit working a month after I got it. so if you are able to use it with only 1 usb port not working be happy
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    Another thing that can cause laptops to overheat is the fact that you have it setting on your lap. If you were to set the laptop on a table it should work fine, and if you have been setting the laptop on your lap...you could always get a small box fan and set the laptop on top of the box fan while playing if you don't have a place to set the laptop. However, if you haven't had the laptop on your lap, then have you overclocked anything? Such as a CPU or anything else? If so, then I recommend you re-store the default settings before you blow up your battery.

    peace and love,

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