I made a thread a few days ago and was saying it's running at 70celcius on idle... But now my friend tells me that it's possible that the arctic silver 9 might be interfering with the probe. I did put alot... but i wasent thinking it would csaue a bad reading. csaue when the CPU is running doom 3 maxed out. for about 4 hours readsabout 97. but when i touch it (cool to to the touch) it's the same temperature as my old 2.8 prescott... I have the latest bios update also. here are my specs.

P4 3.4 (775)
1GB PC 4300
Sapphire X800 XT platinum
1 120mm fan in the back (out)
1 80mm fan in the front (in)

Is my cooling adequate? id say hell yea.


PS bios reads same temps as asus probe.