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    Passive Cooling???

    What do u think about using a Thermalright AX7
    as a passive cooler on an underclocked Athlon XP mobile CPU???

    My plan is to remove the fan from this cooler...
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    Why do you want passive cooling? Are you gonna be working in somewhere where you need no noise at all? I think you'll find that it'll be fine when your computer is idle but start anything cpu intensive and the temp will shoot up. I once tried running a Zalman CNPS6000CU without a fan with my old p4 1.9. It was fine but the idle temp was around 45 and as soon as i started any vaguely hardcore process the temp shot over 60C. With a p4 as it gets hot it will slow down to compensate, but an amd will just melt.
    I'm using a Zalman CNPS7000A-CU and when i turn it down to the slowest speed, i can still do most work on it (UT2004 at full res is still a bit much) and at night, the hard drives are louder than the fan.
    You could try a specific passive cooler like the HeatlaneZen NCU-1000 but i think that is for socket 478 only.
    Hope that helps
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    *agrees with Rizla
    I have a Zalman CNPS7000a-Cu cooler, and with the fan on the lowest setting it is practically inaudible, much quieter than the other fans and such on my system. If you are going for quiet, I definitely think something along these lines is more prudent than removing the fan. Water cooling is also quieter, Zalman makes a fanless water cooling setup that would make your computer very quiet indeed.


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