Hello, new to these forums and i have a question.

Currently i have a 3.0 Intel quad core processor with 12mb cache (Q9650) in my desktop with a GeForce GTS 250 1GB 256-bit video card. Obviously, it runs a little hot when playing games.
I have a Coolit Freezone on my processor, but it only keeps it cool enough to use it and doesnt affect my video card at all, which loads at ~70c. Processor usually doesnt rise over ~55c.

Now to my question:
I am currently deployed USAirforce, bout to come home and been doing some research on watercooling. Found some interesting facts, but not enough to help me find a GOOD watercooler to put in my desktop (full tower, if anyone wonders) to solve BOTH my processor and video card, since i doubt i can stick two separate systems in my desktop.

Anyone know of any good systems i can peek at? Any help would be greatly appreciated.