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    Arctic Cooling vs Thermaltake Silent Boost hsf

    I have two hsf's listed below, along with the specs for quick reference. Can someone who has knowledge of these two hsf's tell me which one would be quieter without sacrificing too much thermal protection? Thanks!

    HSF #1: Arctic Cooling Copper Silent 2L

    Recommended CPUs:
    " All AMD Duron
    " AMD Athlon XP up to 3400+ (2800RPM)
    " AMD Athlon XP up to 3200+ (2200RPM)
    " AMD Athlon XP up to 2500+ (1500RPM)
    " Heat Sink: 84 x 76 x 41 mm
    " Copper Plate: 44 x 44 x 5 mm
    " Overall Dimensions: 88 x 82 x 79 mm
    " For the Air Flow important Height: 56 mm
    " Rated Fan Speed: 1500/2200/2800 RPM
    " Power Consumption: 12 V, 0.27 Amp.
    " Air Flow: 26.5 / 48.8 / 61.6 m3/h
    " Weight: 395 g
    " Noise Level: 13 / 18 / 24 dB (A)
    " Therm. Resistance: 0.29 - 0.34 ᄚC / Watt

    HSF #2: Thermaltake SILENT BOOST

    P/N A1889 Fan Speed 2450ᄆ10% RPM
    Fan Dimension 80x80x25 mm Max Air Flow 27.5 CFM
    Heatsink Dimension 82x70x49 mm (41 fins) Air Pressure 25.97 Pa-min
    Rated Voltage 12V Noise 21 dBA
    Started Voltage 7V Bearing Type Hydro Wave Bearing
    Rated Current 0.13A Life Expectation 50,000 hours
    Power Input 1.56W Connector 3 PIN
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    You don't have comperable stats up there really, and it will depend what cpu you have and what temperature you want.
    On lowest settings, either will probably be quite quiet. On high, probably relatively loud. Its up to you to choose the balance you want, either will do the job. Bigger is better, so on that count the Arctic Cooling model comes out ahead (it also moves more air).
    I personally use Zalman heatsinks and fans, they are quiet and do a great job.

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    more spec's to make a recommendation

    Re: karsh44

    Hi Karsh, I realized just now that I not only didn't put up my specs for my rig, but never mentioned what I am ideally looking for.

    Here's my rig, nice and simple:
    Ga-7vRxp 1.1 mobo
    1300 Amd Duron
    512 DDR 2100
    30Gb Hdd 7200 rpm
    generic video card
    HSC-v62 heatsink+fan (hsf)

    HSC-v62 hsf link:

    My Cpu temp's as I've checked with MBM 5 are reacing near the 60c mark. At this point, my hsf is getting quiet loud as it reaches above 7000 rpm. So....what i want is something that not only reduces my thermal temp's, but ALSO something that's considerably quieter than my current hsf setup. I am a programmer, so I am on my computer all the time, so if I can get a hsf that's pretty much inaudible without sacrificing thermal protection, that would help a lot!

    I've noticed that quite a bit of people have been recommending the Zalman products for they are quiet and offer great performance.

    Now, that you have the whole story, I would greatly appreciate it, if you can offer me some suggestions on what I should get or do? Thank you.
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    I have a Thermaltake. I don't know if it's better or worse than any other HSF. I think they're all about the same and the more air you move, the cooler the CPU. The more you move also creates more noise. If Karsh likes the Zalman, I'd get it. I'd get a themal controlled unit so that it's only as loud as it needs to be.
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    yeah I think they are both the same crap.

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