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    Post Any hotter and laptop would give burn

    yo sup every1,when i am playing heroes of might and magic 3 complete my laptop starts working really hard and eventually it gets so hot it could practically burn someone or start a fire. my game is up 2 date with all the patches/etc.. when i do a control alt delete to check mem usage graph, it shows it was previously at 99%. the game works fine though.. i am able to play without problems other than the annoyance of the laptop getting so hot..

    i have removed unnecessary programs from loading in win.ini, run/runservices of the registry, and system startup folder..

    i have even tried shutting down explorer.exe and running heroes without that process and it still goes berserk with getting hot.

    it almost seems as if there is some problem with heroes that is causing 99% usage and i can't do anything about it..

    i have defragmented recently,im good with keeping up with stuff like that.. frequent windows updates i do, i have no spyware, i use firefox. laptop performs well with pretty much everything except this game...

    here is some info about my system...

    i have a sony vaio laptop, pcg-grt100p, mobile intel pentium 4 - m cpu 2.20 ghz, 2.21 ghz, 512 mb of ram.
    running xp sp 2, and here are some options i have set...
    (these can be found under sys options, advanced panel, visual effects, advanced etc, on the control panel thingy for system.)

    --adjust for best performance
    --processor scheduling->adjusted for best performance of programs
    --mem usage->adjusted for best performance of programs
    --virtual memory->drive c w/ a custom page file size, initial size being 1024 mb, max size being 2048 mb
    i have system restore off as i figure if it was on it would be just one extra thing that could hog memory.

    so basically, i am looking for any advice as to how to get my laptop working well with heroes of might and magic 3... my friend is experiencing the same problems and he has a desktop pc w/ same version of the game, etc.

    note: 3do,maker of the game is bankrupt,so getting help from them is not going to happen....


    here are the dll files the game uses...are any of the following dlls known to have problems and need to be updated possibly?

    any advice would be awesome...i am determined to do pretty much anything to get this game running smoothly without having to worry about burning up pc/starting a fire/etc.

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    It's normal for a game to take 99% if not 100% of the CPU while it is running.

    However I don't think it's normal for your laptop to be THAT hot (unless you are exagerrating). Check on the web to see if other people had similar problems with VIAO laptops and try to talk to Sony customer support also.
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