I have just started overclocking and it seems to me that I already am in dire need of a CPU cooler that's better than the original standard heatsink. I am torn between regular cooling methods or liquid cooling. I'm looking at the Tuniq Tower 120 or this Thermaltake liquid cooling system which seems really nice and easy to setup.

What do you guys think about these? Please give me input and also suggest some cooling hardware that you guys like or use. The reason why I am concerned is that after I have ocerclocked my e6850 to 3.09Ghz which is only .09 Ghz above standard, during a stability test with the program OCCT, PC Probe said my CPU temp was a 68 degrees celcius at max load. That seems really high to me. Can you guys give me some input so that I can continue on my overclocking venture. As for now, I am at a hault because I don't want to over heat my system.