Hi everybody! i am from sweden and i am not so good at english... please excuse!!

i have seen that 100pricent cpu usage is cind of a ordinary problem... but every one seem to have solved their problem with antivirus updates, sadaware and spyware proggs.... I have fixed my pc in that way once and it have been working. But this problem i have now seem to be a totaly NEW cpu thing.. maby a virus that had destroyed my cpu or something!!!

it is like all others with 100%cpu usage.... but i have triet everything in this and 8 other forums i have even formated my drives with KILLDISK (Total Formattion) but my problem is still there :'( i have these components:

cpu : 2.4Ghz @ 2.52Ghz
graphix ATI radeon 9600xt
mother board : 865PE Neo2 Series (swe region)
DDR : 2x Apacer 512Mb @ pc 3200
hdd : sygate baracuda 160Gb

any one that might have a program i can run so u can get more information to maby fix my problem?

once aganin i am not so good at english sry sry sry!