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    Overclocking AMD Athlon 2600+

    I am running a AMD Athlon XP 2.1Ghz 2600+ with 512 DDR RAM, FSB is 133Mhz

    What is the max I can overclock this without having to worry too much about the temp. In my BIOS it say its at about 55C

    And is there any other software I can use to keep an eye on the temp?
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    Any overclock varies from chip to chip, no one can tell you what you're going to be able to get. Are you using the stock cpu fan? If so, you won't be able to do too much without getting pretty warm. There are various programs that can monitor temperature, such as motherboard monitor, or your motherboard might have come with its own utility. If you have idle temps of 55 C now, I'm guessing you won't be able to do much of an OC without getting a better heatsink and more fans.

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    Overclocking your AMD Athlon XP

    Hey people, these are my specs below...

    Gigabyte 7VT600 1394
    AMD Athlon XP 2600+ Barton O'ced to 2.13ghz
    1024MB of Corsair XMS RAM
    256MB Nvidia FX5700le Graphics Card
    160GB WD Sata HDD
    120GB WD Sata HDD
    LG 700B FLATRON CRT 17"

    Its not the best computer but it still ownz P4!!!

    If your overclocking i would suggest you dont go over 60C in temp otherwise you will be putting way to much strain on your cpu especially under full load.. If you really want good speeds out of your computer then go with liquid cooling although it does sound kind of weird putting water inside of your pc...
    Did everyone get all of that? Now can you explain it to me?

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