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    Processor Overheating

    Hello to everyone,
    I am a new member on devshed forums.My name is Hammad and I am from Pakistan.
    Basically I joined here to share a problem of my pc with you and I need help with it.Last month my motherboard died, and from the past 1 year I was having overheating problems with my pc, it used to shutdown suddenly or restart and then I used to get the error " Your CPU was previously shutdown due to a thermal event (overheating)"
    Haven't had this error with the mobo that I got replaced with warranty.But my Processor is still overheating .... I changed my Heatsink fan with Asus VR Guard Cooler.That did not help the cause either and the temperature of processor is still around 65C at idle.I got a new mobo , new heatsink fan, new casing , new psu but nothing solved this problem so I want to know what should I do to solve this problem.I applied new thermal paste reseated the heatsink fan and everything I tried but to no avail.Old motherboard died because of the same problem I think but I am not sure and I don't want this new mobo to die.I hope I can get a good advice regarding this problem.
    My PC specs are:
    D915gvwb mobo
    Intel P4 3.0 Ghz Processor (Prescott)
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    How much space do you have around the case to allow air to circulate?
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    You may want to try testing it with the side of the case off for a testing purpose to see if the machine shuts down or runs with out any error messages......

    Yea it would be good to no the full spec of the machine so it can give people a better view on the problem and what operating system you are using on the machine

    Going on from SamLavitt post is there alot of room in the case or is everything on top of each other, packed in tight in the case.....
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    It is a two week old thread, but I guess I will throw my two cents in:
    First off, you type excellent English. =)
    Second, try tweaking your BIOS. Turn off any overclocking features, and adjust your fan speeds to max. My motherboard has a "cool 'n quite" option, I would see if yours has something similar.
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