I've always had trouble with AMD's for some reason. Before I owned a P4 2Ghz and never had problems but after trying AMD, i've had nothing but problems.

I had Duron 1.8 ghz in an MSI KT600 board, and could not get it to run past 1.3 ghz (100FSB, 13.5 multi), the default setting. I could change the FSB and the multi; but I would only get a powered up machine with no video, and would have to reset the BIOS. After updating the BIOS, the same problem happened but I could not reset the BIOS this time, for some reason.

Anyways, now I have a Barton 2600+ running in a PCChips M86GS board. The multi was locked, but I was actually able to kick up the FSB to 100, 133 and 166 after a while (with the PCChips motherboard, no less!) and it ran fine. But because I had inadequate case cooling, it ran hot and components tended to fail. Since I dont have the money for anything else, and I was running the CPU with silver compound (applied diligently) I decided to bump the FSB down to 133 and run it like that. But, after doing so, I restarted and there was once again, no video, and I was unable to reset the BIOS to mend the problems. Now I have to wait till Christmas to get new parts in. Could this problem be due to bad RAM? Also, is my CPU now damaged? The temperatures never got about 65C (AMD's website states that the hottest a 2600+ can get is 85C). What do you think?