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    Pentium II


    I'm writing a report on Intel's Pentium II (in broad), specifically focusing on what sort of new technology and architecture it brought to the market in 1997 and how it was improved over previous Intel chips. Other than what I've gotten off of Intel's site and what I'm not afraid to use off of Wikipedia, I am having trouble finding other sources for information on the architecture, advances, technologies, improvements, etc. of the Pentium 2. I am looking for anything - books, reports, websites, etc.. Can anyone give me some helpful links or information?
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    Found this site:
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    Will be interesting to see what you find. The Pentium-II was mostly a marketing label. The real improvement was the Pentium Pro line, but since it was not good on 16 bit Windows, and NT was barely out, there was no massive rush to buy Pentium Pro systems.

    So Intel labeled new Pentium's with the II model, and folks bought them.

    The Pentium Pro was a very different chip, screaming fast for its time. And pretty expensive.

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