Ok so i need a new cpu (the current one has 128kb on the l2 and its just killing me on the processing times for most programs) so i was wondering what is the best cpu a P4X400-8235 (motherboard) can handle?

here is the pc stats
PHP Code:
Property    Value
Model    P4X400
Chipset Vendor    VIA Technologies Inc
Chipset Model    ProSavageDDR P4X333 CPU to PCI Bridge
South Bridge    VT8235 PCI to ISA Bridge
SMBus    VIA Technologies Inc VT8235 PCI to ISA Bridge 
CPU    Intel Celeron
Cpu Socket    Socket 478
Processor Upgrade    ZIF Socket
System Slots    4 PCI
Memory Summary    
Location    System board 
or motherboard
Maximum Capacity    768 MBytes
Memory Slots    3
Error Correction    None
Use    System memory
Maximum Memory Module Size    32 MBytes
!    Accuracy of DMI data cannot be guaranteed

Property    Value
Number of CPU
(s)    One Physical Processor One Core One Logical Processor
Vendor    GenuineIntel
CPU Full Name    Intel Celeron
CPU Name    Intel
(RCeleron(RCPU 2.50GHz
CPU Code Name    Northwood
Technology    0.13µ
Platform Name    Socket 478
Type    Original OEM processor
FSB Mode    QDR
Platform ID    2
Microcode ID    2E
Type ID    0
CPU Clock    2700.64
System Bus Clock    
System Clock    108.03
Multiplier    25.00
Original Clock    2500.00
Original Bus Clock    400.00
Original System Clock    100.00
Original Multiplier    25.00
Overclock    8.03
L2 Cache Speed    2700.64 MHz
L2 Cache Speed    Full
CPU Family 
Model Stepping    F 9
Brand ID    0A
HyperThreading    1
L1 T
-Cache    12 KµOps
L1 D
-Cache    8 KB
L2 Cache    128 KB
RDMSR    00000000 00000000 19100019 00000000
MMX    Yes
SSE    Yes
SSE2    Yes
SSE3    No
SSSE3    No
DualCore    No
HyperThreading    No
-64    No
Intel 64 
(EM64T)    No
XD    No
VT    No
SpeedStep    No
Architecture    x86