Intel's new Jasper Forest CPU will integrate the I/O hub into the CPU itself, saving space on the motherboard and using less energy in the process.

By integrating the I/O hub into the CPU, there's no need to have a north bridge on the motherboard anymore.

So, since we already got rid of the southbridge, all he had left was the north bridge.

Now that that's gone... wow no more bridges on the motherboard! That's amazing!

It seems as though many computer hardware innovators are moving toward integrating more and more into the CPU and less on the motherboard.

So from this, I came up with a hypothesis:

Could Intel be moving toward integrating everything into the CPU, and getting rid of the motherboard all together?

I can't really think of a way to connect all of the other components to the CPU itself, but when that becomes possible in the near future, all we may have in our tiny little boxes we used to loathe carrying around may be just a tiny little box the size of your hand.

However, I don't think Intel will be able to throw out the motherboard all together; motherboard vendors will have something to say about that.

Also, if Intel is trying to integrate EVERYTHING into the CPU, they will have the problem of shrinking every component in the computer down to the size of a chip or a transistor and integrating them into the CPU.

Well, that's my theory! But what do you guys think?