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    Laptop that best fits me.

    Well I've think its about time I purchased a laptop but I want to make sure I get something that suits my needs. Hardware wise I am clueless so I need your help.

    I'm looking for something under $700 and brand doesn't mean much. I'll be dual-booting Linux and most likely what ever ****ty version of windows comes pre-installed. I'll be using it for programming, Photoshop, web surfing, screen recording, actually gaming and all the other little things you associate with general everyday computer use. I also would like something with good battery life and isn't ridiculously loud. So far I like the following two.



    Links and advise would be much appreciated. I need your expertise!
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    The Acer machine has an integrated Intel graphics chip in it, which for 3d gaming is about as bad as it gets. If 3d gaming is important to you I highly recommend buying a $700 desktop instead. You can get a decent gaming desktop for $700, you can't get a decent gaming laptop for $700. A $700 laptop should be acceptable for the other things that you want though.

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    Originally Posted by Spad
    Ah USB, the only rectangular connector where you have to make 3 attempts before you get it the right way around
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    Originally Posted by ItsFixed
    I really don't know how to find the right one
    Neither does anyone else. Most times you look at your budget, and work within what you can afford. If you know that you need it for a particular task, then you look at something that can do that. If not, then most times it's more general.

    Originally Posted by ItsFixed
    how much I should be spending??
    That's completely up to you. I know people that are fine with a $300 laptop, and others that would be no good with anything less then $2,000. As stated pretty much everywhere, it depends on what you actually want it to do, and how much money you can justify spending on it.

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