In the end choosing Llano for any type of entry-level system will depend solely on your needs and goals. If gaming performance is your number 1 priority, but you are not ready to invest into a mainstream or high-end graphics card, then there is hardly anything better than an AMD A8 series processor. Especially, since there are at least two ways of boosting the graphics performance at minimal cost. The first one is overclocking, and the second one is Dual Graphics technology that allows combining APU graphics with an inexpensive discrete graphics card within an asymmetric CrossFire configuration.

If you are looking to build an inexpensive platform with high computational potential, then Llano won’t be the way to go. And in this case it doesn’t make sense to pay extra for the high-quality graphics core built into this APU. Although Fusion concept implies that stream processors from the APU graphics core can be used for calculations and acceleration of popular general-purpose applications, it doesn’t yet work well enough.