Hi, i have a little question and i'll try to be as clear as i can since i'm kinda in a loop here ....
I have asp page which has a DHTML displayed form.
There are two divs which are rotated by a javascript activated button.
This javascripts validates the first part of the form too(the first Div).
Naturally there is another function and a button at the other div, so when the whole process is done i have javascript info on items in form 1 and form 2.
now - how do i combine these forms into a database on a server ?
i know i can accsess a variable like Session("someVar")=document.form.somfield.val after i validated those fields in the javascript.
but how do i know it is done AFTER the first javascript has finished ? What i really want is to save the data in a data base, so i'll need to activate a whole asp conect to DB script, but that is later.
So, if you got so far and you have an idea, thank you and may your code be clean of bug forever :-)
P.s - I appreciate the help, i'm a web newbee... been C++ing for the past 7 years. trying to ctach up ....