i hope someone can help me

i used css overflow so user can scroll the text in a table cell, not
the page. (overflow:auto
here is a link to a sample page:

i designed the site on a pc, and where i tested on 2 macs -
g4 os9 and osx with ie5.1 and 5.2
g3 os9 with netscape 6.2

now on both macs i get the problem:
when you click on any of the (stichterworte) bookmarks
the browser thinks it should go to that bookmark link (href=#.., but does not realise it is in a scroll, so it goes to position for example
if the text in scroll is 1500px in height and bookmark link is at
1400px, the page goes to an empty area 1400 down. so you get an "empty" page, but if you scroll ( with browser scroll) you eventually get to page content.

hope this makes sence - if you cannot see this problem, can you let me know what mac browser version you have?


kathy senn