Hi all,

im trying to edit a jquery slider and add menu links over the top of the headers...here is the code

<div class="oneByOne_item">
               <div id="coda-nav-1" class="coda-nav">
               <li class="tab1"><div class="content-anc"><a href="#1">RS</a></div></li>
               <li class="tab2"><div class="content-anc"><a href="#2">Value</a></div></li>
               <li class="tab3"><div class="content-anc"><a href="#3">Core</a></div></li>
               <li class="tab4"><div class="content-anc"><a href="#4">Growth</a></div></li>
               <li class="tab5"><div class="content-anc"><a href="#5">International</a></div></li>
               <li class="tab6"><div class="content-anc"><a href="#6">Natural</a></div></li>
               <li class="tab7"><div class="content-anc"><a href="#7">Fixed</a></div></li>
				<span class="ob1_title">Title</span>
				<span class="ob1_description">Description</span>
				<span class="ob1_button"><a href="#" class="default_button">Get it now</a></span>
                <img src="images/assets/2.png" class="ob1_img_device1" alt=""/>
The header background image does not change but when you click on the button, it brings up the "item" including an image, a title and a description.

Id like to add more "items" but put them as links to the menu
<li class="tab1"><div class="content-anc"><a href="#1">RS</a></div></li>
as you can see i have the link as #1 but id like it to be an "item" so it just changes the header not the page.

Any ideas????