Hello everybody,

I am having an odd issue I guess, which may be related to CSS.
Since yesterday, and I donīt know why, I canīt access my Yahoo mail account properly. It happens on every browser.
I have cleared cache and removed cookies. I have even restored the system back to some days ago, but the problem is still there, and surprisingly enough, it only happens so in my computer (this one).

I canīt open my emails, links donīt work or donīt do it fine. And (here why I am posting this post in this section) there are no graphics at all (as if CSS were disabled), just HTML code (not even so, since most links donīt work).

It only happens in my computer (besides the above i have also checked if there are some viruses or malware, but nothing comes up), and it only happens in my Yahoo account (I can not access Yahoo Customer Care servise, due to its link not working).

Any insight into this, please? I think CSS might be involved into this but donīt know what to do.

Thank you!!