I am quite new to css and wandering how I can add my Stylesheet selection on the page to a dropdown list so the user can choose his/her theme.

I have the coding worked out for stylesheet selection and cookies saving and stuff just need help on how to display the 3 themes in a dropdwon list instead of 3 merged links on screen.

On my main page atm I have the code:


while(list($key, $val) = each($styleSheets)){
 echo "<a href='styleswitcher.php?SETSTYLE=".$key."'title='".$val["title"]."'>".$val["text"]."</a>";
but this just lists them as 3 links, I need them in a dropdown list but cant seem to format it right to do that.

Can anyone point me in right direction about splitting up that setstyle php bit into dropdown list instead of 3 ugly links?