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    Smile Editing CSS

    Our website: is created with FrontPage 2000. Our OS is win 8, browser: Firefox and several others. The current version of this one page was "Tidied up" by W3C but some of the fonts and other things are not what we want so I am attempting to fix things but the W3C code uses CSS - example:
    <style type="text/css">
     body {
      background-image: url(../_themes/clearday/cdbkgnd.jpg);
      background-color: #FFFFFF;
      color: #000000;
     :link { color: #0033CC }
     :visited { color: #6699FF }
     :active { color: #00CC33 }
     h5.c8 {text-align: center}
     p.c7 {text-align: justify}
     table.c6 {background-color: #FFFFFF}
     div.c5 {text-align: center}
     p.c4 {text-align: right}
     p.c3 {text-align: center}
     p.c2 {text-align: left}
     h1.c1 {text-align: center}
    …. I am trying to change the font size for this (and others) thumbnail:
    <td><p class="c3"><a href="cornet.htm"><img border="0" src="cornet_small.jpg" alt="this thumbnail links to Irene's artwork" width="101" height="100"><br></a> <strong>CORNET</strong></p>
    …. into a smaller font but do not know how to work with the CSS code that W3C has given me. I have used the FrontPage method by selecting the word under the thumbnail [CORNET] and making it smaller which automatically produced this code:
    <p class="c3"><font face="Arial" size="2"><a href="cornet.htm">
    ….. but the W3C validator says that font code is obsolete!
    My problem is: how to change, edit or fix the CSS code from W3C so my page looks the way I want. I can “re-do” the W3C version with FrontPage techniques but it produces code that fails the W3C standards! I would go into the code of my page but have no idea how to work with or edit the CSS part. Please help me figure out how to get my page to look the way I want and finally pass the W3C validation check.
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    You need to remove that font tag all together and just adjust it within the CSS.

    p.c3 { font-family: Arial; font-size: 18px; }

    And if that doesn't work, you may need to target the anchors within this p tag:

    p.c3 a {...}

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