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    Flash in liquid css layout

    Hello css gurus. I'm trying to fit a flash movie with 100% height in a liquid layout but i cant get rid of scroll bars.

    i have tied to explain the problem in this image:

    (sorry new members are not allowed to post with links)

    in that image you can see its fine in case (1) but in case (2) when i add a header div on top, flash movie doesnt fill available space.

    Can anyone tell me how can i fix it with a heading div on top?

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    The problem is that you don't want 100% height, you want it to fill all the space after the header without scrolling, i.e. 100%-50px.

    If you want a purely CSS solution, what you could do is put in your header and give it a bottom margin of -50px. This should pull up the Flash movie. You'll need to make sure to set the window mode (wmode) of the Flash movie so you can properly layer something on top of it.

    From there, you'd need to edit your Flash movie so that the content starts 50px lower than it does now.

    Or, you could use javascript to detect the browser window size and embed your Flash movie at the correct size.

    Or, since you're doing an almost entirely Flash site anyway, you could just create a Flash version of the header in your main Flash file.

    Or, you could experiment with CSS calc(), but that will only work with newer browsers that support it.

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