I am trying to do a simple alignment with a header, 3 columns, and a footer. The left and right columns are custom images of a literal pillar, and the left one is two images split with the pillar and base separate jpg's due to the base having my name on it (Which might soon be changed)

The problem is, the footer is not showing up where it's supposed to be (It's a marble graphic), but it's instead simply underneath the middle column (Which will be an inline frame at a set size.) The marble footer isn't even showing up, and it should be aligned so that it looks like the left pillar, and my feet in the right graphic are sitting directly on it.

Also, The middle column is overflowing underneath the left column, and isn't stopping at the end of the document. (I don't mind if the sample text cuts off, because it's going to be an inline frame which displays the links on the left pillar). I've got quite a mess here. Could anyone check out the site I've created and help me get this mess cleaned up a bit?

What I've got so far is currently at alpha DOT jthensley DOT com

I am trying to learn to CSS, so thank you for your patience.