For my homework, I have to take this div and change its hover action. When hovered over, the picture gets larger, increasing the size of the border around it. The paragraph needs to disappear and the h2 moves to the top. I have everything figured out except how to make the paragraph disappear when the box is hovered over. I can make it disappear when the paragraph is hovered over, but not the entire box. Please help?

here is the HTML I am working with

<div class="one"><li id="swarovski"><a href="(URL address)=325&lang=en">
<p>The Bösendorfer model Swarovski is literally a brilliant instrument whose sparkle lights up every room. Each piano is adorned with 8,000 hand-cut Swarovski crystals which give radiance to this most valuable of Bösendorfer grands. The unique Bösendorfer sound underlines the instrument's impressive exterior in a wonderful fashion.</p>