Any idea why in IE the images and form elements in the middle row of this table are 50% opacity, but none of the text is?
The other CSS:

As a note, The IE version of this page (see a larger version here: ) is already hacked beyond belief (ok, it's not THAT bad...but it's not cool either). Basically, to do the partially see-through background I used a .png with 50% alpha transparency (.grey & .important classes). The problem is that IE doesn't do PNG alpha transparency without their proprietary filters applied. Once I figured that out, it still didn't work. Turns out you can't attach the filtered png background to the must attach to the tds. So I did. Then I found out that the filtered background image stops propogation of clicks. You can fix the clicks that go to links by making the bg image problem. But, the table rows need to get clicks because they expand when clicked. To do that I added a clear 1x1 gif as the background image over the top of the filtered background image. For some reason that takes the click, and passes it through...even though there is still a filtered image.

The reason for wanting opacity for the whole row (as you would see viewing the bigger page in Firefox) is either for rows that are "done" or rows that are "deleted" (rather than the ugly line-through).

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