Hi all,

I've got a horizontal menu that is working just fine in every browser but IE 6 and 7. In IE it's almost there, except that the submenus will only appear one level deep. The menu is created with nested lists. The :hover functionality is simulated via JavaScript for IE 6. The IE developer toolbar shows the 3rd level menu is correctly being changed to display: block when its parent is hovered, and the border the dev toolbar draws even puts it in the correct place, it just doesn't actually appear.

You can find the page here:

The CSS and JS (uses jQuery) can be found here:
http://www.perceptes.com/topdog/css/ie.css (loaded with a conditional comment)
http://www.perceptes.com/topdog/js/ie.js (loaded with a conditonal comment)

For a specific example of what I'm talking about, try hovering over the second item, Filters & Parts. This will give you another level with four choices. Each of those also has child elements, but when hovered over, the next level doesn't appear. Try it in something other than IE 6 or 7 to see how it's supposed to look.

Thanks very much in advance!