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    nested tables vs css

    I've found that nesting tables works very well for getting data aligned properly.

    I'm having serious trouble doing the same thing with css.

    For example, I can easily create a table with 2 col, 2 rows, then put another table in each box and do get things just the way I want.

    I can't figure out a way to do that with css.

    Is it possible? Should I even try?

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    Anything you can do with tables you can do with CSS. Plus CSS is more accessible and because it takes less markup, it uses less bandwidth. So your site will download faster.

    Check out the CSS Zen Garden. Every site on the Zen Garden is created using pure CSS layout. Basically the Zen Garden site asks developers to write their own external CSS files to change the appearance of the site. The catch is that they can't alter the HTML page at all. That means there's absolutely no layout or style in HTML file. It is all done with CSS, even the image placement.

    Click through a few of the designs there. It's really amazing.
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    If you're pulling data from a database, use a table. Position that table in a div with css to fit in with the rest of your site (also done with divs and css)
    Its the age old argument thats acutally very simple:
    For layout, use divs and css.
    For tabular data, use a table, INSIDE the layout.


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