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    Thumbs down Netscrap 4.x CSS Problems

    Hi All,

    Surprise, surprise... another Netscrap 4.x moan...

    I have written a page template which I am trying to get to be as cross browser compatible as possible. I have layed the page out using <div> layers and the page validates as HTML 4 Strict and the CSS validates. It works fine in IE 6 & Netscape 6, however, Netscrap 4.03 & 4.7 are not showing any styles whatsoever or crashing!


    Could anyone try looking at this page in Netscrap 4.x and let me know if it works or whether it is just my versions that are broken. Also while you are at it would anyone be so kind as to view it in IE 4 or 5 and let me know of any problems (when will Micro$oft let us install more than one browser for testing!!!!)


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    (when will Micro$oft let us install more than one browser for testing!!!!)
    i love VMWARE for this job.... runs win95a in a winXP window

    MS won´t ever allow you to. they are bad guys

    but for Netscape: you can install as many different versions as you wish...

    for your problem: i think NN4.0x does not interpret the divs. NN4.7 should though... but to make it cross-browser you should setup layers without css for Netscape.

    there is no real cross-browser. only browser detection can do the job
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    To get your pages to be 'as cross browser compatible as possible' - assuming you mean NS4 as well - you'll need to forget validation, HTML 4 Strict, the W3C and all the other DOMS you may have seen. Navigator's Layers object model & its CSS - which is actually JSSS (JavaScript Style Sheets) - is not really compatible with anything else, and coding for it requires a series of workarounds, hacks, and, above all - persistance. Just scanning your source, you can forget about any of this rendering properly in NS4....specifically, <ilayer>s (position:relative) are a nightmare.

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