Hey everyone! I'm brand spankin' new to the forum, but hopefully I'll become a regular fixture here! I have a real estate agent client that I am doing SEO for, but my duties have expanded (a little outside my expertise) into the website itself.

I can't post hyperlinks (which precludes me pasting code here) so this should be an interesting task of explaining my problem!

Currently, there is a vertical navigation bar on the left side of the page that is simply an < ul > of hyperlinks. So, for example, if the list item was "Brooklyn", it would return a search of the MLS listings for the city of Brooklyn.

The client wants these hyperlinks to instead go to pop-out menus. So, the tab would still say "Brooklyn", but there would be two popout items "Brooklyn Brownstones" and "Brooklyn Apartments" for example. The original tab would no longer hyperlink to search results, but the pop outs would link to results for their specific parameters.

The current template is using <ul class="navSec"> to accomplish the nav bar.

I cannot write code (aside from HTML) from scratch. I can, however tweak and edit existing code in .css, .php, .js etc.

If there is any way you can help me, I'd appreciate it. Since I can't link the site, I can tell you it is Maui Just Listed (all one word) with the dot and then the com.