Hey guys !! I am making a site, for that is my project, and i know very little of CSS. I have learned HTML. But now i need to do a little bit of CSS
This is the site from where i have downloaded the already made CSS drop down menus
(can not write the site's name..search for "free css drop down menu v1.3" in google. the first site comes having code.google in it is the site)
I chose VIMEO.com Centered
But now i am in real trouble.
I tried to write Something through HTML Dreamweaver and it appears to go way below.
I changed the height to 45% from body,html in Horizontal-centering.css. So now whatever am writing comes just below the CSS MENU. But then another problem. The CSS DROP DOWN MENU vimeo.com goes back . I tried z index but of no use..plz help. Urgent