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    Exclamation Safari css issues


    I just discovered that my site has issues in Safari. Everything is fine in FF. Take a look in safari: bestplaceon.net.
    1. Gallery thumbnails are all over the layout.
    2.Right upper corner Google Plus is gone.
    3.Text size is to big for Safari

    I have tried different ways to fix this problem but without success.
    Every help would be nice. Thank you!
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    I was having the same problem in Safari 4.0.3. it was completely ignoring my Stylesheets. So I changed all my external and internal CSS to inline. It's ugly but it worked for me.

    good luck.
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    Welcome to DevShed Forums, vaimelt.

    It looks fine in Safari 5.1 (on Win7) here. Which version(s) of Safari are you testing in?

    1) That's the downside to using floats like that. I suggest you use "display:inline-block" instead. I should warn you however, that some workarounds are needed to make it work in some of the older browsers that are still in common use:

    2) Try using a <div> instead of the non-HTML <g:plusone> element:
    <div class="g-plusone"></div>
    3) Different browsers and operating systems use different engines to display text. The designers of these engines had distinct ideas about what makes text easy to read so there are some discrepancies in how they render. Also various systems have diverse collections of fonts installed which often add to the differences.

    Originally Posted by StarkEmp3
    I was having the same problem in Safari 4.0.3. it was completely ignoring my Stylesheets
    You consider that to be the same as vaimelt's problem?
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