Sorry to bother you all but I seem to have run into an awkward problem and I would be extremely greatful if anyone could help me.


I am attempting to code up a design generated by an individual and he is very specific that no sizes are to be changed in his precious design.

The navigation uses son of suckerfish menu (3 levels) with the second and third levels launching to the right of the previous column - somewhat strangely! The nav elements consisting of font-size: 11px and a line-height: 12px and a 1px gap between each element - which as you can imagine is quite small (too small in my opinion but he won't change it!)

And while firefox has no problems navigating back through the nested lists, internet explorer is going insane - with sub-menu's dissappearing as you scroll down through them or as you try to launch them, making the whole thing completely un-navigable.

I produced a bigger version : font-size: 12px and a line-height: 20px and a 1px gap between each element - which was stable in both I.E and Firefox as a soloution - but he was insistant that these sizes are way too big and that the sizes should remain as he set them.

If anyone could provide me with a soloution / tell me where I am going wrong or suggest any alternative methods that would facilitate the same conclusion I would be truly delighted to hear from you - please get in touch even if it is just to tell me it's unfixable and a new soloution needs to be found.

Thanks in advance,

Duncan Sweetland