Hi guys,

i'm trying to change the text color for a text input in "disabled" state, does anyone know of a way to do that (except by the win API...) ?

another thrilling question :

i change the background color for my checkboxes.
the color appears AROUND my checks (5px maybe) but not INSIDE (ie : if i choose blue, the results is a white box, in 3d borders, surrounded by a 5px blue border...)
does anyone know how to change the background-color INSIDE a check ?

i'll be back later on the week-end as i've seen many questions i can answer, but, sorry, i'm at work...

PS :
i'm on my way to develop a COM object (in VB) used to generate data-entry ASP pages.

i'm at the point where i got :

data combo selector based on primary key with auto-refresh,
auto "caption" column selection,
(means i've got a SELECT displaying the caption of all possible records, and the SELECT values are the table PK, select one and page refreshes showing actual data for the selected record)
all columns are generated as inputs,
Oracle "comments" are used as caption for inputs,
automatic datatype/size/precision validation is performed on save,
automatic foreign key -> select (see above),
multi-column primary/foreign key support,
automatic CSS classes for input based on column datatype,
fixed filters support
(ie : display invoices for selected customer only)
interactive filter mode support
(all visible inputs may be used to refine the data set),
grid selector mode using filters with page navigation,


all this using one ASP page and under 5 lines of ASP code...
using a bit more of code (around 12 lines + 1 bit per INPUT to generate) you can position all elements to your liking.
all display code is pure HTML 4 + CSS.

it currently works with Oracle (SQL Server porting under way) and IE 5.x

I'm looking for someone to translate the generated VBScript code to javascript for netscape compatibility...

the functions used are enabling/disabling of items, background color changes, value affectations, SELECT options access etc...

if you're up to it i'll send the code upon request, i can be reached at delegreg@yahoo.com