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    Opera 6.0 and CSS support . . yeah right.

    Anyone have any ideas why Opera 6 does not support thse rules in my style sheet?

    you can see this in Opera at my website:


    basically the style(s) that are not rendering are the margins and the background url of class elements within empty table cells. yes i have a spacer.gif to trick netscape but it ain't working on Opera.
    the troubles . . .

    body {
    margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px;
    .fip10 {
    background: transparent url(../images/_57.gif) repeat;
    width: 50%;
    etc, etc.

    any thoughts would be great.


    edited: maybe nobody likes Opera then huh? some help . . .
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    my personal opinion is that three different DOMs are already enough. i wonīt bother about opera.
    where do you want to go on then? IE3, NN3? Amaya is the w3c reference browser, AOL users sometimes use AOL Browser, anyone know which browsers are available on Linux?

    Ever thought about DreamCast, PSII, WebTV etc?

    if they canīt make it work like it is supposed to, noone will use it (besides if a big company like microsoft is paying a lot of money to make you use their product...)

    if you want to make your page work with all browsers, keep it simple. donīt use css or javascript. sad but true.

    one day i was asked by a customer if the website we made for them works with opera. all i could say was "maybe". And we gave them a list of about 30 browsers where they could make crosses for which it should work with. when they saw the prices, they didnt need it anymore...
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    I'm not seeing your background images problem, but Opera uses padding, not margins, for that space between your body content and the window frame. They argue that this is more in keeping with the CSS spec, and they are right.

    Use body { padding: 0px } instead. IE and NN6 understand this and will behave the way you want them to.

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