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    can you do this with css?...a few questions..

    I did some reading on css, and was able to recreate a small web project with css in a very short time. During the transition there was a few things that I had problems with that I worked around, but I am not sure if it is the most elegant solution.

    1. I had to make some "tables" that have there own colord background and that have a title that consists of a picture, for the background, and then the text, that defines the menu.

    The only way that I could figure out how to put the background in the menu title and have a different color for the menu background was to make them seperate...classes I guess, if that is the right word. I had a .menuZZZBody and a #menuZZZTitle.

    I then had to make sure that they were positioned properly to make them fit together (one stacked on the other), by tweaking the position settings.

    Is there a better way than this, I hope so.

    2. Inheriting properties - I tried to do what I read, but I must have been doing someting wrong, because I could not get it to work. All the menus that I had used the same format, the only thing that was unique about them was there position. Now I tried to use: #menuZZZTitle < .menuTitle or many variations of this, but it wouldn't work, so if you look at the attached text file you will see what I resorted to using.

    The thing with this is that whenever I have a new title I have to add it in two places. One to define the coordinates, and also list it where I define the .menuTitle, #menuZZZTitle1, #menuZZZTitle2.

    Is there a better way to do this?

    3. Embedding different style - At first when I started I tried to seperate the font styles in the css tags and other things such as the background-color, and border properties. Then within the "table" style (all the border ps, ...) I would then try to insert the font style (css style), but as soon as I did it the text would them be removed from tge "table". SO I had to resort to clumping together the font style and the table style.


    That's all my questions. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out a little, and save me some frustration. Thanks

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