As seen in the screenshot is what I like to achieve. the background (white) is transparent. the pink/purple stuff is just there to show that the white is transparant.

i want the page to be minimum the height of the browser window and the footer part should stick to the bottom. In the main content area will be two colums for content. These are seperated with the dotted vertical line.

I tried some layouts myself but i can't get it right with the dotted vertical. I could show you a page with my attempt, but then the replies would all be based on that layout, and i'm more and more thinking that it should be done completely different. However, i can't seem to think straight anymore.

Hope it's clear. If really want i could post a link to my try. I'm really wondering if somebody could show me the right way how to do this. The difficult part for me is getting the dotted vertical to extend. If this line were to be omitted, I would have had a working html.


here's a link to the image.
[ht tps:// ]