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    Diplaying tags/categories on an archive page with CSS


    I appreciate any and all help in advance.

    I'm creating a straightforward blog on Squarespace.

    My blog posts are in categories and have tags. When a visitor selects that category from the right hand column, I'd like them to see the category or tag at the top of the next archive page that they come to. As it is, the correct posts are being displayed but I'd like to add context at the top of the page; something like "filtered by tag: photography".

    My main question--- is this something that I can make happen using CSS?

    I know it's a serious newbie questions; thanks in advance!

    - Ryan
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    Welcome to DevShed Forums, CobbleHillBK.

    No, CSS is not suited for that kind of thing. Its purpose is to style content, not add content.

    It's best to handle this server-side, but if you don't have access for that kind of thing, JavaScript could be used to do that. (Let me know if you'd like this thread to be moved to the JavaScript forum.)

    As you (may have) found out new users are restricted from posting URLs until they have made 5 posts. You may need to get around this by leaving out the "http://" and putting a space before each ".". Yes this rule is annoying, but the administrators say it's necessary for limiting spam.
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