Hi there gurus and other visiters from his website,

So yesterday i had a idea to make a nice mouseover effect on 1 cell that has 2 colors. I didnt sleep yet ever since.

Im strugglin in the mouseover effect. And im really wondering if there is not a more easy way to accomplish this. So far i got this setup.

Note: im trying to get a menu that has cells with 2 colors in it the mouseover effect should give 2 diffrend colors in the cell.
PHP Code:
<html>     <head>         <style type='text/css'>              div {border:1pxborder-radius5px; }             body  {color:white;}              td {                 padding0;                 margin0;                 text-aligncenter;                 }             .container {                 positionrelative;                            z-index: -1;             }             .bg {                 positionabsolute;                 top0;                 bottom0;                 width100%;             }             .content {                 positionrelative;                 top10;                        }             .yellow {                 top0;                 background-colorblack;                   z-index: -1;             }             .green {                 bottom19;                 background-color#2b2b2b;                   z-index: -1;             }         </style>     </head>     <body>         <table id="x">             <tr>                 <td>                     <div class="container">                         <div class="content">&nbsp;&nbsp;Home&nbsp;&nbsp;<br><br></div>                         <div class="bg yellow"></div>                         <div class="bg green"></div>                     </div>                            </td>                  </tr>         </table>              </body> </html> 
Free hugs and respect for who solves this one