I'm trying to create a graph with percents for reviews. Much like what is seen in this image of a Wordpress plugin:
(can't insert url but here is a link to the image)

That plugin would work fine, except with our reviews I'd like to have certain criteria have different weights. So for example cost would be 30% of the overall percentage, quality would be 25%, time added 25% and something else 25%, and that plugin doesn't support that. So I'd like to put something together manually instead (unless there's something automated with weight values out there)

Is there a way of recreating a graph like that with css and once done a quick way of templating it somehow to just change a few values for a different review? Or is there a different route I should be taking? I know it's a lot to try and accomplish manually each time and would be easier automated but one step at a time!

Other things I'd like to do would be someone could click on the criteria and a text box drop down would open underneath explaining how the criteria was graded...but again one step at a time.