Hi all,

I am new to CSS3 and I have been reading various tutorials on the web on how to properly use CSS to position elements in the page.
I have the following question which I hope someone could help me with.

I got a div container with a fixed width. Let's call that div A
within that container, I need to place 3 elements:
Elements B and C are also divs which should be centered horizontally within the container. Each of them will have its own fixed width. At any given time, one of these 2 elements is displayed and I need to swap between them using a fade effect.
In addition, I have another element D which is a div which should be left-aligned within the big container and also stick to the bottom.
The "trick" is that the center positioning of elements B and C should NOT take into consideration the fact that element D is displayed.

Can anyone give me some tips or a schematic solution?

Thanks in advance,