Hi everyone,

I am a design intern at a company that has an ecommerce website. The issue I am having is that our website displays kinda funky on a mobile device. The background image shrinks a little and the content doesn't completely display right.

Here is the screen shot(youll have to type the .org because of forum rules): www dot s24.postimg DOT ORG /6wutol3md/help.png

As you can see from this screenshot, the header image stays at the full width the website should display at, but the background has shrunk and the content has as well.. I'm stuck on what exactly should be done to fix this. If anyone has any tips or suggestions, please feel free to speak up

Help is greatly appreciated! I am still new to CSS and trying my best to learn the ropes, but I have been stuck on this problem for a very long time.

Here is our website URL (I changed it so that SEO doesn't pick up this topic..): aqua sana dot com