Dear reader,

I recently started with html and css programming with the help of; html and css for dummies. I am halfway through the book but i seem to get stuck (which the book doesnt explain - yet) on a layout problem.

What i want to do is make my first header, which is the title for the document, with mutliple letter colors. So for example ill use the word 'hello'. The h, l and o must become red and the e and l must become yellow like this: Hello

I do have achieved it but it seems a bit weird and not the most easiest way (i guess), what i have done now is:

.lettercolor {color: red; font-family: "Arial Rounded MT Bold"; font-size: 25px;}
.lettercolor2 {color: yellow; font-family: "Arial Rounded MT Bold"; font-size: 25px;}
and in my 'body' it is:

<span class="lettercolor">H</span><span class="lettercolor2">e</span><span class="lettercolor">l</span><span class="lettercolor2">l</span><span class="lettercolor">o
This solution however seems a bit weird so my question is: is there a way to make this a lot easier? Looked a bit around and experienced a bit with pseudo elements but cant find the right solution for it!

Thanks in advance,