Having bought a style for phpbb, installed on this sandbox:

(would have written the URL to the problem - but seems the URL is blocked, can't understand why, because then I can't get any help without showing of the problem ? - well it's forum dot wpbox dot dk (sorry for breaking the forum rules, but I'm not a spammer or something).

2 issues - both with IE8

1) background sprite used in subheader when showing on smaller screen sizes are shown in a VERY wrong way on IE8 - it seems the sprite is showing on top of each link or something. it seems #subheader-menu li has been set to background-image: none; but there's something wrong :-( - anybody has a CSS fix for this issue ? (if you don't know what kind of gibberish I'm writing here, just compare the site in IE8 versus Chrome, it should be very obvious)...

2) main site logo ("METRO" image) - is not showing in IE8 - could be a height/width issue, but I can't pin it down ?

thanks so much for any advise / CSS fixes you can provide.