Hi- I've been coding one way or another for some years now, but now that I've volunteered to redesign my employer's website, I'm getting serious about learning CSS.

I've developed a dropdown menu mainly by modifying a tut over on Tutsplus.com ("How to Build a Kick-Butt CSS3 Mega-Dropdown Menu") that's working fine except for the top border on the dropdown boxes.

The tut uses a cheat since the top edge of the box appears on a dark background so he just leaves the top border off. So far I've been able to either a) have no top border at all, or b) have a top border that divides the top menu item and the dropdown. What I want is how the menus appear at petco.com, with no divider.

First post, so I can't put a link up here. If I can clarify any of this, please let me know, and Happy New Year!